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Sabado Coffee Club

FNND is initiating a monthly coffee club in Dubai – the Sabado Coffee Club.

Sabado Coffee Club was born out of a desire to raise the standards of Saturdays by attracting like-minded people who love coffee, food and flavours. Every first Saturday of the month Sabado Coffee Club will play host to a selection of fantastically dazzling coffees flown in by speciality roasters from around the world… some famous roasters, some new kids on the block and occasionally some Middle Eastern ones too.

The set up is simple:brew_coffee_770

take the best coffees from around the world

cup (taste) them all

vote the best

brew it up

You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge and each month we will give a quick class on cupping (tasting) coffee. Sabado Coffee Club is very informal and relaxed – it starts at 12 noon and lasts as long as people wish to be there, so turn up with a sore head, turn up without any sleep, turn up late or in your pyjamas… just turn up.

The cost is 25AED per person.

Sabado‘s first meet up will take place from 12 noon Saturday 3rd May, at the Garden Center’s Roseleaf cafe (just off Sheikh Zayed road)… location here


3rd May Sabado Coffee Club will be featuring coffees from…

three chairs. The roaster from Three Chairs is the current world Ibrik brewing champion.

petra coffee. A roaster from New York, based in Istanbul and winner of the 2014 Istanbul Roasting Competition.

Die Rosterin. A world famous roaster from Vienna, operator of the Vienna school of coffee and one of the world’s most celebrated coffee cuppers.

42 coffee. A brand new venture from international barista judge and coffee consultant Mate. This roaster is new on the scene in Budapest and already making waves in coffee.

coffee nutz. Another fresh face in Turkey’s rapidly changing coffee scene.

Asli. A remote roaster from Russia. Asli won the 2014 Brewers Cup Competition with a yellow Caturra coffee from Hawaii… a very beautiful coffee indeed.

Kronotrop. One of our favourite roasters, doing excellent things with coffee in Istanbul presents a beautiful peaberry coffee from Kenya.

If you’d like to know more on Sabado Coffee Club or would like information on future Sabado events then simply drop an email to fatnancysnewdiet@gmail.com

If you are interested in how to cup coffees yourself the click here


    • It is at cafe rider on June 7th. We will be featuring coffees by infamous roasters from Hong Kong and china.

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