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Sabado Coffee Club hit six

December’s Sabado Coffee Club had a really crazy table of coffees from various roasters. Roasters from Ethiopia, Australia, UK, South Africa, USA,  and even coffees roasted in Saudi Arabia.


Sabado Coffee Club is held on the first saturday of the month and is hosted by a different cafe space each time. Sabado Coffee Club presents fascinating coffees by interesting roasters which are brewed to taste. We then collect the votes to find the favourite and we make a filter brew of the winner for all to enjoy. Simple.


Sabado Coffee Club number six took place at the Magazine Shop in Dubai’s Financial District. If you haven’t been to Magazine Shop, it’s well worth a visit. It is a café specialising in high quality coffee, and high quality independent magazines.



They source unique, and beautifully designed magazines from around the world, curating a selection on the subjects of art, design, travel, fashion, architecture, music, film, and special interests. They are committed to promoting creative independent publishing in the Middle East.


The Magazine Shop can be found in DIFC Gate Village 8, Podium Level, Dubai, UAE. The Cafe sits among numerous art galleries and shops. Through innovative annual programming, it suggests a new type of space in a city with a thirst for creativity which pairs very well with the Sabado ethos.

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Sabado Coffee club had a slow start when the electricity blew, but we soon sorted it out and with the kind assistance from the adjacent gallery we managed to grind and brew all our coffees. FNND is glad we did as there were some fantastic coffees to be had including some of the world’s most famous and expensive coffees.


The winner was an Ethiopian natural by Ninety Plus Coffee and roasted by a coffee enthusiast in Saudi. Second Place was an exquisite Geisha from Esmarelda Farm in Panama, expertly roasted by Mecca Coffee in Sydney, Australia. Amazingly, Mecca Roasters were 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Here is the list of the top ten…

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the next Sabado Coffee Club will take place on Saturday, 14th February at the Dubai Coffee Museum in Al Fahidi. The Dubai Coffee Museum boasts a distinct collection of coffee artifacts and literature, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of coffee and its impact on culture in the Middle East and North African regions.

Sabado Coffee Club is very informal and relaxed – it starts at 12 noon and lasts as long as people wish to be there. You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge and each month we will give a quick class on cupping (tasting) coffee.


We have some exciting coffees planned for this forthcoming Sabado Coffee Club. So come down taste some coffee, see the museum, take a tour or just have a mooch about!

12pm Saturday, 14th February

See the Dubai Coffee Museum HERE

Check out last month’s Sabado HERE

Check out Mecca Coffee HERE

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Happy new year!

See you there.


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