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Sabado Coffee Club 11

Sabado Coffee Club took a little break during Ramadan, but as the heat of summer begins to cool down, the kettles of Sabado Coffee Club begin to heat up again.
Our last meetup took place at a little community focused venue called Mellow Yellow Café which can be found in an area of Dubai called Mirdiff.

Sabado Coffee Club is held on the first Saturday of the month and is hosted by a different café space each time. Sabado Coffee Club presents fascinating coffees by interesting roasters which are brewed to taste. We then collect the votes to find the favourite and we make a filter brew of the winner for all to enjoy. Simple.

This month, there were a number of new attendees, including a visit from a roaster who brought his coffees in from Jordan especially for Sabado. But after a lot of sipping and slurping of caffeine – we decided on a winner – the winning coffee was an Ethiopian Guiji roasted by Reuben Hills.
Here is what Reuben Hills say about their coffee;

This coffee has been picked from different lots around Shakiso in the Guji zone. The people here are known as Guji Oromo, and coffee farming is an important part of their lives. Guji is located in the central south of Ethiopia and is one of the zones of the Oromia region. These southern coffees bring a very distinct character to the cup, offering floral and citric tones along with red fruits and cocoa. With a viscous and bold sweetness this highland, forest-grown coffee offers a lively and unforgettable flavour profile.


The Next Sabado Coffee Club will be held at The Sum of Us Dubai


Visit Reuben Hills website HERE

Visit  Sabado Coffee Club HERE

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