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Kenya Special: Volume Two – Selected East African recordings

To many outside of East Africa, the Kenya Special Soundway compilation released in 2013 was their introduction to the full spectrum of the musical landscape of 1970s and ‘80s Kenya. The promotion of Kenyan music on an international level from the mid-eighties onwards had often been within a narrative of ‘otherness’, where releases were marketed as world music, focusing on a few genres with clearly defined sounds, such as benga and Swahili rumba. Kenya Special did more or less the opposite by highlighting songs and bands that couldn’t easily be categorized. Many of the featured songs seemed to bend the rules, break away from existing genres and sometimes borrow from foreign music trends. Whereas the world music campaigns of the 1980s were moderately successful in drawing in young audiences, the more recent wave of reissues has caught on with a demographic that’s one or two generations younger than those listeners that were originally interested in the music that was recorded in Kenya from the 1960s to the 1980s. The approach to musical rediscovery that is …

Cover Story IX – Soundway Records

Soundway Records is a British-based independant record label founded and run by English DJ and music producer Miles Cleret. It started in 2002 with the release of a compilation of Ghanaian music from the 1970s : ”Ghana Sounds: Afrobeat, Funk & Fusion in ’70s Ghana”. Since then the label has released a series of critically acclaimed compilation albums and re-issues of African, Caribbean, Latin and Asian music from the 1950s – 1980s. These include the well-received Nigeria Special, Ghana special & Kenya Special compilation albums that Cleret spent years compiling. Since 2012 the label has issued a series of original contemporary releases as well as re-issuing older music. These include releases from acts susch as Batida, Ibibio Sound Machine, Debruit & Alsarah, Fumaca Preta, Ondatropica, The Meridian Brothers, Los Miticos Del Ritmo, Chico Mann, Bomba Estereo, My Panda Shall Fly, Konkoma, Family Atlantica & Dexter Story. In 2014, Soundway was named by The Guardian as “One of the 10 British Labels defining the Sound of 2014”.  

What’s driving Dubai’s vinyl culture? Vitamins & Vinyl

Dubai has a thirst to find new and creative ideas that develops scenes and inform its population. It hasn’t always been easy with such a transient population but things are changing – there are some people who have been planting acorns in the new metropolis.  So meet the creators of Vitamins & Vinyl, a community focused vinyl record store based in Dubai. they personally curate the record selection and aim to facilitate a more musical culture in the region. FNND met up with the people behind the project to spin the ones and twos over a nice cup of tea to find out more. 1. Hello, so as you guys know, FNND likes Vitamins & Vinyl, why did you create it? V & V:  I miss music, real music, tangible music, talking about it, and listening to it, so we created Vitamins & Vinyl as a vehicle for us to get back into my love for music. There’s a big empty gap in the Gulf right now when it comes to the purchasing of good music. We’re hoping to give a helping …