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A Dubai-dérive on Damien Flood’s Infinite Plane

Gaining purchase on Damian Flood’s Infinite Plane is a drift through psychogeographies, desert-scapes and urban-unfamiliarities, with a detour to someplace between encounter and memory, remembering and experience.

Warm winds of summer’s wreckage: art in the UAE, September-October

Let’s face it. No matter if you manage to spend a few weeks out of the country, have a long list of projects requiring you to spend time indoors, are addicted to social media – the summer in Dubai can be an exhausting, never ending, sweat pit of incubating frustrations. What a relief then that it is over for another year! Well, at least almost over. The masses have returned from cooler climes to find those of us left behind gagging for some conversation, some relief from carrying the load, rehabilitation from cabin fever and pining for some new art. So here it is – Fat Nancy’s hit list for September/October. We’ll ease in gently with The Third Line’s project space and Farah Al Qasimi. A recent evacuee from Dubai to New York, we wonder on reflection what the artist herself will now make of her images of Dubai, taken in the period leading up to her departure a few months ago. According to the press release, the images range from Macdonald’s signs on desert highways to the intimacy of a …

FNND’s March at Alserkal Avenue

For those of you not based in the UAE, March in Dubai is commonly referred to as a ‘March Madness’. All the galleries have openings, Sharjah Art Foundation hosts the March Meetings or the Sharjah Biennale (depending on the year) and there are 3 fairs: Art Dubai, SIKKA (non-profit) and Design Days Dubai. Below are a couple of FNND’s highlights from the galleries at Al Serkal Avenue and swiftly following, some interesting and surprising works found at Art Dubai. Top of the list is Isabelle van den Eynde with the playful work from Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian. It’s a relief to experience a completely immersive exhibition in a commercial gallery in Dubai – this is an exhibition that you can keep going back to again and again. Through to every corner of the space is evidence of the extent of the artists’ spirited collaboration. The immediacy and detailed tactility of the works is balanced with a weight of subject matter and the accumulation of experiences and time that led to the creation /collation …