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Dubai’s theatre and arts centre

DUBAI COMMUNITY THEATRE AND ARTS CENTRE   Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC) aims to contribute to the creative and cultural development of Dubai by presenting and hosting a programme of events and participatory activities for Dubai’s many multi-national communities and visitors alike. The Theatre & Arts Centre is the first modern, non-profit, cross-community creative centre in the Gulf. This flagship project was the brainchild of local theatre-lovers, arts enthusiasts, artists and business people who recognised the need for an entertainment and educational centre for the community of Dubai. The centre offers a range of workshops and activities for all ages and next door is a small art and craft materials shop where you can by most materials from easels to palette knives. You can find them at Or email Or phone for bookings on +971 (0) 4341 4777

Jeremy Deller brings ‘English Magic’ to Dubai

When an artist visits Dubai who is internationally acclaimed they can often be A) placed on such a pedestal that they are surrounded by publicists and PR machines, or B) see the Middle East as a cash cow to be milked at the cost of integrity. So it gives me a very warm feeling in my belly to introduce to you the critically acclaimed artist and 2004 Turner prize winner – Mr Jeremy Deller. He is an artist who uses people, communities and traditional culture as a resource and inspiration for his work that clearly breaks down the all too familiar barriers that high art seems to surround itself with. From a workers brass band, playing Detroit techno and acid house covers to a bouncy castle in the form of Stonehenge – He is playful, accessible and above all, honest. With all that in mind, it makes sense that he would choose a humble venue such as DUCTAC to present his work. But we can’t help feeling a little surprised at his choice, although much more impressed …