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Twin Peaks returns to the small screen

Have you seen Breaking Bad? Have you heard of Breaking Bad? If you haven’t,  then you have either; recently been born or been living in a tree. The same can be said for famously popular series such as True Detective, The Wire, The Sopranos and of course Twin Peaks directed by David Lynch.   Infact David Lynch was recently quoted as stating that TV has seen a golden age and has surpassed the movie industry. This does seem to be true and it could also be said that it began with Twin Peaks in 1991. Nearly 25 years later, David Lynch and Twin Peaks co creator Mark Frost have decided to write and produce a nine-episode limited series. Lynch will direct every one of the episodes, shooting next year and airing in 2016. Anticipation that Lynch and Frost were planning a revival had been building, but can it recapture the weirdness of the original? FNND is sure that this will be the most original return of a series in the history of American broadcasting and fan speculation is …

10th Dubai International Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is the leading film festival in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Since its inception in 2004, the festival has served as an influential platform for Arab filmmakers and talent at an international level, by spearheading the cinema movement in the region. DIFF has established itself as a major international festival, while continuing to serve as a premier showcase event for Arab cinema, and contributing to the development and growth of the regional industry. DIFF has also extended its platform to present and honour excellence in cinema from countries in Asia and Africa. Independent and established talents from Asian and African countries with a burgeoning cinema culture are given prominent standing in the festival’s programme and competition. DIFF’s pioneering initiatives such as the Muhr Awards and Dubai Film Market have enriched professional experiences in the region, while also raising the profile of regional works on the world stage. The festival has left an indelible impression on its guests, industry professionals and viewers, through its events, workshops, seminars and principal …

James Franco Brings Charles Bukowski’s ‘Ham on Rye’ to the movie screen

The Late -great Charles Bukowski is one of FNND’s favourite writers and  ‘Ham On Rye’ one of her favourite books – so we nearly fell off the bar stool when we heard that an adaptation of the book had been set to celluloid by The actor/director/producer, James Franco. You may remember Mr James franco as the guy who sawed off his arm with a pen knife in Danny Boyle’s acclaimed 127 hours. Franco has been working alongside his up and coming younger brother actor Dave (Scrubs) in the adaption. Dave Franco counts Bukowski as one of his favourite writers  and quoted in a recent interview; “One of my favorite books of all time is ‘Ham On Rye’ by Charles Bukowski, which my brother  and I are actually adapting right now. It’s like a dream come true. Hopefully that will amount to  something. Definitely with Bukowski’s material, it’s pretty dark, and it’s not going to be a movie that appeals to wide audiences, but we love it so much.” Charles Bukowski was a German born American …

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The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone directed by Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows’ love of music is well-known. After all, the man once formed a band, She Talks To Angels, with Paddy Considine. His love of reggae and ska was confirmed when Fat Nancy attended Shane meadows’ film premiere in London which had a huge reggae soundsystem rig by vinyl legends ‘Trojan soundsystem’ for the after party. But what’s perhaps less well-known is his passion for Madchester’s finest, The Stone Roses, a relationship that’s been cemented with new fan-doc The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone. It is on general release now and well worth a peek.