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Collection VIII: Jac Leirner

Jac Leirner, born in São Paulo, Brasil, 1961. Lives and works in São Paulo. 13298256 expos-fimdesemana_TOP Marta_Ramos_ABMB_Fortes_Vilaca_Jac_Leirner_doble 2933_m 13298256  832babbe52359ecde96dfe315fc25c7b_0 Yale Days, Nights 08-jac-leirner-theredlist leirner_names a3f405a3d7b1b028cb8d3c9642a3a271_0 Jac_L 9 leirner_yale construcoesbrasilia_2010_f_007 f8bfd34908c1fb39a7da6729f55ccd08_0 3700c9848603dd963dff614f0789843f_0 Jac-Leirner-Brochure-Directions-1 6be610996b6c8d9b841496195cf481f8_0  Jac-Leirner-Brazilian-art-themodernsybarite-Moma-cigarettes JALE-0015_detail_4-1024x682 moneyimage 24f5bc6996b6edcb48464ab33c0cfcb0_001 9306615f8196f97050ece869de536fd3_0  “Jac Leirner’s multifaceted work is formulated through a process of collecting and ordering; tapping into what the artist has described as the ‘infinity of materials’. Since the mid-1980s, Leirner has amassed the ephemeral and incidental products of consumer culture, and reappropriated them into visually compelling sculptures and installations that demand to be both seen and read. Through their seriality and bold accents of colour, her work references both the history of Brazilian Constructivisim as well as the legacy of Arte Povera and Minimalism.” – White Cube For more information also click here


  1. Jac Leirner says

    Thank you so much for the post. Just to let you know that the ties sewn together and the small papers with round dots of colors are not mine… I didn’t do these two. All other works are 100% mine! Thank you again.
    Jac Leirner

    • Dear Jac, So sorry about that! We have removed them.
      We love your work. If you are interested, we would very much like to send you some questions for an interview? All very best, the Fat Nancy team.

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