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Best Alternative Christmas songs. Part I

As we come screeching into the last corner and drag ourselves down the last furlong to slump in a heap on the finish line of 2015. Yet again, we see the usual countdowns of the year – The greatest moments, The worst moments, The best songs, The worst songs.

Well, not wanting to feel left out of the obligatory Christmas-sunday-supplement-countdown, FNND has compiled a top 30 list of actually great Christmas songs that leave a warm Christmassy glow.

Here is part 1… The countdown from 30 to 20 and it’s nearly Christmas.

30. Yule time throw down, Debbie Harry and Fab Freddy

OK, so its the least Christmassy song on the list but who doesn’t want to be Debbie Harry or be ‘with’ Debbie Harry. The Bronx, Christmas style…

29. Booker T and the MG’s, Jingle Bells

It’s pretty cheesy at the beginning, with all the jingle bells and Hammond organ. But before you know it – your’e listening to a Stax records Christmas jam that will have all the mums and dads dancing like only mums and dads know how.

28. The XX, Last Christmas

They’re mercury music winners. They’re musics most miserable musicians.

It’s The XX and they are stealing one of George Michaels finest moments… No, its not the moment when George crashed his car into his local branch of  Snappy-Snaps… Wham!

It is of course, the longtime seasonal song, ‘Last christmas’… The XX do a pretty good job too.

27. Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys

Nothing says Christmas more than a Hawiian beach with surfers.

So here it is… It’s a surf band harmonising with sleigh bells jingling in the background.

26. The Ramones, Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)

The most realistic representation of Christmas with the family – courtesy of the Ramone brothers.

25. John Lennon, It’s christmas the war is over

Euphoric and scathing, as hopeful as it is resigned, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s definitive festive peace-on-earth song has transcended its original anti-Vietnam War purpose to become a Christmas classic.

24. Sweet Tee – let the jingle bells rock

Here is some christmas rapping that will be around long after boxing day.

23. Best Coast and Wavves, i’ve got something for you

The king and queen of sunny California weed-punk, Best Coast and Wavves have collaborated on a Christmas song for a compilation released by the big box store Target. It’s real good shoe gazing stuff too.

22. Back door Santa, Clarence Carter

Back Door Santa” is a song written by Clarence Carter and Marcus Daniel. The lyrics are sexually suggestive… A bit like Santa when he’s hanging around shopping centres.

21. Run DMC, Christmas in Hollis

Yes that’s right kids, the Ghetto celebrates Christmas too. Run DMC bring you classic hip hop lines like these…

“When I seen a man chilling with his dog in the park
I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear
Looked at his dog, oh my God, an ill reindeer
But then I was illin because the man had a beard”

stay tuned For the second instalment of FNND’s thirty Christmas tunes that are guaranteed to make you feel the yuletide warmth.


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