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The Dubai Coffee Museum

Arriving at Dubai’s Creek by Abra (a small wooden boat) is a side to Dubai that is far away from the glitz that is usually associated with the golden city. There is a more authentic and traditional feel – and rightly so.. . Just a stones throw from the Abras is one of Dubai’s heritage hubs, Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai.


Here you will find reconstructed traditional Emirati houses in an area dating from the 1890s, where residents originally earned money from pearl diving. But enter inside number 44 and you will make a unique discovery.

This is the home of the Dubai Coffee Museum boasting a distinct collection of coffee artifacts and literature, which provide a fascinating glimpse into the history of coffee and its impact on culture in the Middle East and North African regions.

This project is the brainchild of Khalid Al Mulla of Easternmen & Co. Khalid grew up as a date farmer in Hatta but he is no stranger to coffee. Coffee was always present in the home and like many Emiratis, coffee has a poignant representation of ceremony and hospitality which he has lovingly brought to life.

coffee museum3

Upon stepping inside number 44, I was greeted by a small cup of Kahve (Ethiopian Coffee) brewed in the traditional Ethiopian clay pot (Jabena). Khalid’s passion for coffee is in abundance as he explains the fascinating artifacts to me… Antique Omani stone grinders and ancient Yemeni clay brewing pots are older than the western word “coffee”.

coffee museum1

The tour finished up on the central balcony at the coffee brew bar where Khalid uses his expertise to brew coffee through a siphon, which is served with a homemade slice of cake from a traditional German recipe made to compliment the coffee.


The museum offers guests an experience of different regional styles of coffee such as local Arabic style, Turkish, Egyptian, Ethiopian and even Japanese style. But most important of all, Khalid offers his guests  genuine insight into coffee as a symbol of warmth that extends from the Emirati home which makes number 44 well worth a visit.



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