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Ravi Restaurant In The Streets Of Satwa



Ravi Restaurant is a fast paced Pakistani restaurant and it’s a legend in Dubai. It hasn’t changed in twenty years. Ravis (Satwa branch) is a great place to sit on the street and see the bustle of Satwa flow past but the main reason of Ravi’s success is the food… A selection of  slow-cooked dishes of vegetables, lentils or meat (usually lamb) come out very quick but the flavours are some of the best Pakistani food FNND has ever tasted  – and the nihari – slow-cooked beef so tender it falls from the bone. It is served in a delicately aromatic sauce with hot flatbreads.


Try the Murg methi – a lovely chicken and fenugreek curry, the tandoori mutton chops, the Dhal fry and the nobbly butter naan… it’s a pretty awsome combination – a beautifully tasty dinner and watching the world drift by in the streets of Satwa.

Popular with a range of people from Pakistani cabbies eating right-handed to wealthy emiratis and the odd brave tourist. Best of all, the cooking is excellent, and the prices low. FNND’s favourite dinner venue.


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