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Glithero design agency

Glithero are British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren, who met and studied at the Royal College of Art. From their studio in London they create product, furniture, and time-based installations that give birth to unique and wonderful products. The work is presented in a broad spectrum of media, but follows a consistent conceptual path; to capture and present the beauty in the moment things are made.

From machines that miraculously create wax chandeliers from strung wick, a pouring slide that becomes a 10 metre long poly-concrete table, to ceramics that turn vivid blue with UV light, the key ingredients of their work are time and transformation. With their own concoction of creation-performance they aim to bridge creative disciplines and make works that can be understood by all.

Glithero has presented solo shows in London, Paris and Rotterdam, as well as exhibitions in Milan, Berlin and Basel. and in 2011 the studio has been shortlisted for the Brit Insurance Award and the Dutch Design Awards.

More information here: – including some great short films

Made to Measure:

made_to_measure-110901-164761_full 02-164766_full

Fire Drawings:

fire_drawings-922_4 fire_drawings-922_6 fire_drawings-922_7 fire_drawings-922

Paper Aeroplanes:

paper_planes-222_0 paper_planes-222_1 paper_planes-222_4 paper_planes-222

Poured Bar:poured_bar-264_1 poured_bar-264_2 poured_bar-264

Running Mould:running_mould-602_2  running_mould-602


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