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Collection IV: Bharti Kher

Bharti Kher was born 1969 in London to parents who had migrated to England as adults. She studied painting, graduating in 1991 from Newcastle Polytechnic. In 1992 she travelled to India, deciding to live there permanently after meeting her future husband, the artist Subodh Gupta. The couple live and work in Delhi and have two children.

bharti_kher_untitled_bindi Bharti_Khercir1

Picture 028Bharti Kher  7Bharti-Kher-Bindi-Art-5Bharti_Kher_2_hauserwirth_nyc_12d5180280lBharti Kher, Not Yet Titled (detail),2010, Bindis on Paperbharti-kher-18962_1bharti-kher-15845_1 Bharti_kher_bindi_painting_7 bharti-kher-the-messenger-1346256733_b   bharti-kher-14848_1 bharti-kher-15846_1 bharti-kher-16007_1    bharti-kher-14667_1  bharti-kher-pic-art-copie A 1219711  Kher_Figure02_2   Bharti Kher  3 bharti-kher-20707_1     88274-4 bharti_kher_dogs3 bharti-kher-not-all-who-wander-are-lost-1389626143_b bharti_kher_heart



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