Sabado Coffee Club
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Sabado Coffee Club is two years old

It has been two years since Sabado Coffee Club began bringing speciality coffee sipping to Dubais best cafes. So here is a collection of Sabado Coffee Club flyers from the past couple of years that brought Dubai  some fabulous coffee tasting.




Scots-pine-tree-cross-section15f8SUMOFUS webgrunge copysabadoKaffaGrandHyatt web5thweb11joFINAL SAB4sabfeb110418417_883614908317037_4036739915923550633_ncc4NOVsabadowebweb1sabadoWeb11714258_10155831692265430_240589990_ncree10313423_757500484284649_2245367967832960542_n11714309_10155831692755430_1984429609_n10327055_10152339337800027_1211936063_nBrnPnn6CMAEcKqXflyer1rmay14thWEB-marchrawsab-WEB

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