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The Bruer – Cold drip that’s worth the wait

Let me introduce you to the Bruer – a cold brew coffee maker. The Cold Bruer is a simple and transparent way to make slow
drip cold brewed coffee in the comfort of your own home. Made from all high quality materials like Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, and Food­grade Silicone, the Cold Bruer makes up to 20 ounces (591 ml) of naturally sweet cold brew in as little as 4­6 hours. Unlike the full immersion method, the Cold Bruer’s slow­drip process creates a clean, smooth cold brew that highlights the natural sweetness and differentiated flavour characteristics of the coffee beans without the possibility of over extraction. The elegantly simple product is easy to use, easy to clean, and adds transparency to the process of brewing.


Using the slow drip cold brewing process, Cold Bruer produces a less acidic and less bitter cup, highlighting the smooth natural sweetness of the coffee.Once set-up, no additional attention is needed. Start brewing before bed or while at work. Cold brew coffee stays fresh for weeks. The adjustable valve allows experimentation with different extraction rates. Slow drip methodology eliminates the risk of over extraction, a common issue with full immersion cold brewing.

bruer 2

The updated Cold Bruer features a slimmer carafe with a more compact structure that complements the internal glass coffee chamber while maintaining all of its brewing capacity. Bruer has also increased the thickness of all the glass components, making this Cold Bruer much more durable than the previous model.

“We’ve incorporated the feedback of our early adopters to make the Cold Bruer even better,” says co­founder Andy Clark.
“Our consumers were requesting improved durability to withstand the everyday bumps and grinds of a busy lifestyle, so we’re doing just that.” The more elegant brewer “takes up less space on busy countertops and in overcrowded refrigerators and dishwashers and allows for more portability.”

Copy of _MG_7646 Carafe in Fridge

In addition to improved durability and slimmer design, the new Cold Bruer features additional user­ friendly improvements. New water and coffee line measurements to simplify the setup process, eliminating the need to measure your coffee and water; just fill to the lines, set the drip rate, and let the brewing commence. And since cold brew stays fresh for up to two weeks if properly stored, the silicone lid now features a detachable middle insert that fits airtight into the narrow mouth of the carafe, keeping your cold brew fresher for longer.

bruer 3

“the pour­over version of cold brews” by Matt Viser of the Boston Globe. The Cold Bruer was available after a Kickstarter campaign and is now available in coffee shops and retail stores worldwide, and on its website

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