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Cover Story VII – Analog Africa

Analog Africa releases unusual African music from the 70s, music with a certain twist that will surprise you or that you didn’t expect to hear from Africa, and that often had a strong impact on its country of origin. Frequently these recordings – all fully licensed – were never released outside Africa before. Considerable importance is also placed on detailed liners notes telling unusual stories about unusual musicians, complete with rare photographs, interviews and full discographies.
Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb was born in Carthage, Tunisia, to a Tunisian father and a German mother. He was brought up in many different countries, such as Sweden, Tunisia and Austria, and is now based in Frankfurt, Germany. The idea of the label started in November 1999 when he came across a recording by the Green Arrows whilst digging for vinyl records in Zimbabwe.
He was so captured by what he heard that in October 2001 he set up Analog Africa, his first project being a compilation by the Green Arrows. Apart from running Analog Africa, Ben Redjeb has established himself as one of the main sources for original African vinyl records for DJs, producers and collectors worldwide. Also, after a long break, he has started Dj’ing again. Together with his partner Pedo Knopp he forms the Analog Africa Soundsystem. Besides Samy, Pedo and Marc Petri (Jazzkeller Frankfurt) run the AFRICADELA
Y club night in Frankfurt specialising in raw, funky and psychedelic tropical sounds from the 70’s. 

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