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Sabado Coffee Club 13

This is Sabado Coffee Club – It is a meet-up that was born out of a desire to raise the standards of saturdays and introduce Dubai’s inhabitants to speciality coffee and decent cafes at the same time. Last months Sabado Coffee Club took place at The Grand Hyatt Dubai and we had a lovely selection of coffees to slurp on.

Sabado Coffee Club brings coffees into Dubai that are roasted by speciality coffee roasters from all over the world and December’s meet-up is no different. we have coffees from a fine selection of scandinavian, UK and US roasters to taste at a new cafe in Silicon Oasis called Kaffa Bean Cafe.


You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge and each month we will give a quick class on cupping (tasting) coffee. Sabado Coffee Club is very informal and relaxed – it starts at 12 noon and lasts as long as people wish to be there, so turn up with a sore head, turn up without any sleep, turn up late or in your pyjamas… just turn up.

see you there!

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