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The Roseleaf. A cafe amongst plants

Some Garden centres can be funny places – Usually a stomping ground for the elderly who’ve managed to escape being trapped in their net curtains. But nestled amongst the tropical plants and flowers of the Dubai garden centre is a true oasis for all the senses. The Roseleaf is a stong contender on the café scene in Dubai.


It was created by some coffee-loving kiwis and the vibe is a sort of home kitchen pantry where, each day Rose bakes her repertoire of dangerously indulgent treats. Gooey chocolate brownies and coconut lemon cake are some of the regular temptations. Open from 8am – 6pm, the place is often busy with meetings and mummies enjoying the delicious Piccolo coffees and cakes.


It is nice to see that this café is one of the few places in Dubai that is keen on making proper coffee – They use single origin coffees that are small batch-roasted locally meaning the baristas pull some fantastically sweet espresso shots. We found The Roseleaf Cafe to be a great place for a quick browse on the internet, a bite to eat and a dose of decent coffee.


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