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Sabado Coffee Club Number Nine

Welcome to Sabado Coffee Club.
The previous Sabado Coffee club met at one of Dubai’s friendliest cafes. Friends Avenue Cafe is in the JLT area of Dubai and the cafe generously played host to a really interesting table of coffees.

The winner this month was a speciality coffee roaster from Greece called Mokka. Mokka‘s history in coffee goes all the way back to 1922, so to say they are experienced roasters is an understatement. Mokka won with a beautifully complex coffee from Burundi which was selected by ‘The Cup of excellence’ as being outstanding coffee. With multilayered flavours of figs, prunes and green apple – the coffee really stood out to most of the Sabado crew.

Some old and new faces came down to Friends Avenue. The coffees this month were a real mixed bunch – some from roasters in Switzerland, some from the Middle East, some from New Zealand and even a coffee grown in Australia. In fact here are the top coffees tasted;

Sabado Coffee Club is happy to announce that the next meetup will take place Saturday 12 noon on 2nd May, in the garden of a beautiful little organic cafe in Jumeirah 1 called ‘Life ‘n One’.  It’s a little tricky to find so here is a trusty map.


The address is, Jumeirah Beach Road, Street 27-b, Community 332, Villa 5/1b, Dubai.

So come down and say hello. You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge and each meeting we will give a quick class on cupping (tasting) coffee.

Entry to Sabado Coffee Club is Dhs25 per person. No prior registration is required.

Read more about Sabado Coffee Club here in Time Out.

brief video of Sabado HERE




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