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Strange names but great music

The trends in the music scene have always been fast changing but with the advent of digital downloads and the internet – music fashions are spreading faster than ever.
Band names seem to all be taking the same route too… Ten years ago, bands had to put “The” in front of their name to get signed and along came “The” Strokes, “The” Kills, “The” Datsuns,  “The” White Stripes and “The” Libertines. This all seemed to take influence from “The” late 70’s and early 80’s punk and post punk bands such as The Clash, The Stranglers and The Specials.

Nowadays the bands getting all the attention are taking their names from either Japanese mystical manga or straight up animal names…


No, He’s not from outer space – It’s Flying Lotus (warp Records)

Flying Lotus,

Wolf Mother,

Fleet Foxes,


Empire of the Sun

Pantha Du Prince


they’re grizzly, They’re not a bear, they’re standing over there. Yes, it’s Grizzly Bear

Panda Bear,

Gold Panda,

Bear vs Moon,

Grizzly Bear,


They’re not a castle or transparent glass with a high refractive index…
It’s Crystal Castles

Crystal Fighters,

Crystal Castles,

Crystal Stilts,

Crystal Antlers.

Dance music have their own fads too with names coming from their initials or symbols such as SBTRKT, !!!, AFX, XX and MGMT.

Actually, a Canadian electronic duo — pronounced “master craft,” may have come up with it first, back when they were trying to avoid copyright clashes with a tool company of the same name. Either way, MSTRKRFT definitely wins for the greatest abundance of consonants in a row.


Look at his little face – it’s SBTRKT

Then there is a small group of outsiders of the dance scene who have chosen to give themselves silly names yet have been quietly getting on and making music with integrity, this small group of electronic producers have chosen to take the names of popular culture celebrities and twist the names around to make their own… Stevie Wonder now becomes Wevie Stonder, Tom Cruise becomes Com Truise and Micheal Jackson becomes Jicheal Mackson…. They sound silly but have a listen and you will more than likely be quietly impressed. Fat Nancy has selected some to share with you, and here they are…

1, Com Truise – taking Top  Gun To its final conclusion – mixing 80’s style synth with fresh sound and production.

2, Wevie Stonder – a very silly UK band who originated from the experimental record label, SKAM

3, Jichael Mackson – much more progressive than his name sake –  slick click production and atmospherics.

4, Joy Orbison – A slightly varied Producer but he’s able to drag two-step into the new millennium.

5, Mord Fustang – He has that sound of dubstep and french-touch neatly mixed together and chopped up to create something that kids like on the dance floor.

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