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Sabado Coffee Club goes fourth

Coffee culture is on the rise in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai. Reflecting this increasing interest in coffee is ‘Sabado Coffee Club.’ A Dubai based social club/coffee club that encourages socialising over a good cup of coffee.

Sabado Coffee Club is held on the first saturday of the month and hosted by a different cafe space each time. Sabado Coffee Club presents fascinating coffees by interesting roasters from all over the world which are brewed to taste. We then collect the votes to find the favourite and we make a filter brew of the winner for all to enjoy . simple.

The fourth Sabado Coffee Club was held at Creekside, a lovely cafe on the waters edge of Dubai’s beautiful Creek. Creekside is Dubai’s newest contemporary cultural space and cafe. Its focus lies primarily on architecture, art, culture, design and heritage.

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Located in the heart of old Dubai, Creekside is a place of artistic expression, debate and knowledge exchange. So it was a perfect host for Sabado Coffee Club.

Creekside prepared a menu especially for the Sabado visitors – The food was excellent, the view was lovely and the people were caffeinated! We had a fantastic selection of roasters from Bali, Sau Paulo, Georgia, Spain, Colombia, Sweden and New Zealand… amongst others. We all tasted the coffees and voted on our favourites. so, here are the top ten…

The next Sabado Coffee Club will take place on saturday, 1st November at cafe space called A4 in Alserkal Avenue. Sabado Coffee Club is very informal and relaxed – It starts at 12 noon and lasts as long as people wish to be there. You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge and each month we will give a quick class on cupping (tasting) coffee.

Click HERE to see a short video of Augusts Sabado Coffee Club

Click HERE to see what Timeout thought of Sabado Coffee Club

click HERE for a map to help you find the venue on November 1st

Fat Nancy hopes to see you there.


  1. Hi, great post! I plan to attend the next Sabado Coffee Club meetup. Can you please confirm that it will be hosted at A4 space at Alserkal avenue on the 1st of November?

    • Thanks!

      Yes indeed – we will set up around 12 noon.
      We have some interesting roasters from Holland, UK, South Africa & USA
      Hope to see you there.


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