Fat Nancy's Dubai, Sabado Coffee Club
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Sabado Coffee Club, down on Dubai’s harbour


Sabado Coffee Club was born out of a desire to raise the standards of Saturdays by attracting like-minded people who love coffee, food and flavours. Held on the first Saturday of the month Sabado Coffee Club plays host to a selection of fantastically dazzling coffees flown in by speciality roasters from around the world… Some famous roasters, some new kids on the block and occasionally some Middle Eastern ones too.

We taste the coffees, vote for the favourite and then brew the winning coffee for all to enjoy!


The Next Sabado Coffee Club will be held at the brand new cafe, Creekside. Creekside is Dubai’s newest contemporary cultural space and cafe. Its focus lies primarily on architecture, art, culture, design and heritage. Located in the heart of old Dubai, Creekside is a place of artistic expression, debate and knowledge exchange. Whether someone is to attend a workshop, or simply indulge in a cup of aromatic coffee.



So come down by boat, by car or alternatively, you may also use public transport. The closest metro station is Al Fahidi, where you can either hop onto a bus or taxi to the Grand Mosque and navigate your way from the souk to the waterfront to find the Creekside destination.


See you there!

If you’d like to know more on Sabado Coffee Club or would like information on future Sabado events then simply drop an email to fatnancysnewdiet@gmail.com

Read what Timeout say about Sabado Coffee Club HERE

If you are interested in how to cup coffees yourself the click here





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