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Sabado! coffees

The Social club that is Sabado! Coffee Club had its second venture at a fantastic venue called Cafe-Rider.

for those of you who aren’t familiar with Sabado, it is a regular coffee tasting club that prides itself on being a social event for friendly folk to hang out in in a coffee venue and taste coffees that are roasted by different coffee roasters all over the world. This months Sabado! featured coffees by roasters from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, UK, Massachusetts USA, Seattle USA and San Francisco USA. We had a great turnout of some old faces and some top people came to see what the fuss is about too. We all tasted the coffees and voted on our favourites.

So here is the top ten coffees from Sabado Part Deux in ascending order…

10. Washed Ethiopia Sidamo. Roasted by Bunko coffee in China…


9. Washed Rwanda. Roasted by Legend coffee in Taiwan…


8. Hair Bender blend. Roasted by Stumptown in USA…


7. Fully washed red Catuai from Costa Rica. Roasted by Square Mile in London…



6. Washed Ethiopia Sidamo. Roasted by Greenhouse Coffee in China…

bag 1



5.  Guatemala. Roasted by Bunko Coffee in China…




4. Washed Rwanda, Red Bourbon. Roasted by Knockbox Coffee in Hong kong…



3. A lovely washed Tanzanian coffee. Roasted by Wah-Shing coffee in Hong Kong…




2. Washed Colombia. Roasted by Sight Glass Roasters in San Francisco…



1. And the winning coffee is a Washed Ethiopian. Roasted by Sight Glass Roasters in San Francisco…



The next Sabado coffee club will be at Spill the Bean in Jumeirah, Dubai on Saturday 2nd August at 12 noon.

for more information, contact FNND at fatnancysnewdiet@gmail.com



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