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Kenny Dixon Jnr new studio album

Detroit has a deep history of  hardtimes in the city. The struggle came from cheap labour needed for the automotive trade and the decline of the trade leaving alot of tough neighborhoods and high unemployment.

Detroit (1)

In between 2000 and 2010, Detroits population fell by 25 percent. never the less there is a strong loyalty to the area – no more so than the music. motor city soul through to todays current music producers. One producer who’s “very Detroit” and  aware of the roots of that music is, Moodymann AKA Kenny Dixon Jnr.

moodymann (1)

Fat Nancy has been a fan of Moodymann ever since the days he used to play behind a white sheet in basement clubs. Since then he has come a long way and he has even hosted rollerskating jams in Detroit and London.

Moodymann is a strong supporter of the Vinyl Preservation Society and an outspoken voice in the normally non-confrontational world of electronic dance music.

Kenny worked at several Detroit record stores in the mid-nineties including a store owned by producer Blake Baxter. During the mid-nineties he was also the resident DJ at the Detroit based Outcast Motorcycle Club. At that time he was known as “House”. After his first several releases on Planet E Records Kenny became quite popular in France and from there his popularity grew.


Now he has a full studio album due to be released on December the 20th. The title of this new LP will be simply called ‘Moodymann LP’. Featuring 12 tracks of which 2 are produced by no one less than Andres (KDJ collaborator).

The album is mainly comprised of new material—apart from opener “Hold It Down,” which saw a release on last year’s Scion AV compilation—and will also be released on Moodymann’s imprint.


Expect a deep and sexy LP, a combination of dirty raw sex under the influence of drugs and liquor, with a touch of the tenderness of jazz. This is one Fat Nancy likes to have in her personal collection.

Here are the details..

Artist: Kenny Dixon Jr.
Title: Moodyman LP
Label: Mahogani Music
Cat-No: KDJ44
Format: 2 x 12″ black vinyl
Release Date: 20 December 2013
01 Hold It Down
02 Never Quite The Same
03 Desire
04 Restart
05 NO
06 Sunday Hotel
07 Come To Me
08 Lyk U Used 2
o9 Radio
10 U Look Like Ice Cream N The Summertime
11 Girl
12 Sloppy Cosmic

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