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Fat Nancy finds out about National Coffee Day…

Kate Moss was pictured on the front page of The Guardian wearing denim. So what? I hear you say.

It was all for a good cause – National Denim Day (created by Lee jeans). So bloody what? I hear you scream.


Across the pond our American cousins are about to celebrate an equally unimportant day.  No, it’s not “National wear a holographic thong day”, it’s National coffee day.

A recent survey conducted anticipating the coming week’s National Coffee Day uncovered some barely interesting facts. For one thing, it was discovered coffee makes a lot of coffee drinkers feel more like themselves.
7 Eleven coffee

The survey was carried out by the Opinion Research Corporation International (ORC) on behalf of 7-Eleven, coffee company. The researchers talked to 1009 Americans about coffee in their lives.

Call me a cynic but I’m getting the impression this unprofound research is purely for a company to get some column space.

They go on to say;

“It’s no surprise that two out of three Americans drink coffee, but 28% actually drink their first cup within 15 minutes after waking up. Forty percent more get that first sip between 15 minutes and an hour after they first wake up. That corresponds to the finding that 60 percent “need a cup of coffee to start my day.””

Wake up in the morning wanting some coffee

So, the research carried out has discovered there are people out there who have developed an addiction to caffeine and struggle to operate without it.

What is their point? This is like Marlboro paying a research company to find that smokers smoke because they need to smoke.

The most unusual finding was 54 percent agreed “coffee makes me feel more like myself”. That seems an unusual way of putting the more common statement that coffee perks them up. So are they implying a third of the US population – or at least 500 citizens – are relying on coffee to feel like themselves?


Exactly where are the revelations here?

The vodka people at Smirnoff would never conduct research to prove consumers either need to drink it, they can’t operate without it,or  it makes them feel themselves. Oh, and, Let’s not mention the word addiction.


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