Rana Begum at The Third Line


Rana Begum shows for the third time at Dubai’s The Third Line gallery. The artist exhibits a new collection of her signature metal sculptures, coated with vibrant colours. Pushing the relationship between colour, form and three-dimensional space, they take inspiration from urban order and disorder and the codes of urban visual stimuli, such as road signs, advertising, and hazard markings, with Modernist aesthetics. She creates surfaces and planes that seamlessly sit within the contours of the room, walls and spaces they inhabit, engaging the viewer by making them bend, lean and circle around the works in order to take in every angle of each piece. This action, along with the bright and playful colours, brings a lightness to the works more serious theological and geometric root. As the viewers shift from side to side, surfaces morph one into another or emerge from common plains, toying with the audience’s reaction to their surroundings.

Exhibition runs from 19 June – 30 July. 

Born in 1977, Rana Begum graduated from the Slade with a MA in Fine Art. She has exhibited her work internationally including Bischoff/Weiss (London), Riflemaker (London), Martin Creed’s Work n. 951 (London), Jerwood Space (London) & The Third Line (Dubai).