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Pavilion: Café and Art Centre


Pavilion is a Dubai staple, you can’t live in the city without spending more than a bit of time here.  A café and art space combined with a good menu of light bites, decent work spaces (and internet connection) and shisha for that after dinner relaxation Middle East style if you head here for supper or a private view.

The space has regularly changing art exhibitions curated by The Third Line along with screenings of art and cult films. They also run workshops like the interesting idea of Saturday night writing… If you have some writing to do… do it on Saturday night at Pavilion, if you don’t have any writing to do… well head to pavilion anyway and they can set you some writing exercises!

Pavilion_01_Cinema-680x456The Pavilion is a lovely idea – a non profit art space that furnishes the Emirates with a place to discuss and see artworks by local and international artists, whilst also hosting a diverse range of interesting events, providing a platform for the growing and active arts community.

With the contemporary and fresh architecture, music that isn’t played too loud and  big tables to work from –  Pavilion is an impressive home for two art spaces, a restaurant, a cinema, a small library, an espresso bar and a large outdoor area. The food is fresh and tasty and the shisha completes the experience.